My Heart Goes Out Across The Pond. . .

These terror attacks have angered me enough to blog. I just gotta say, terrorists and Osama, if you’re reading this, then one welcome to my site and get the hell off and two, y’all F***ED UP BIG TIME on this one. If you thought that the Brits were going to roll over, oooooh boy howdy were you mistaken. Never underestimate the resolve of the British! They put up one helluva fight during our War for Independence and if the Nazis and Hitler couldn’t take them down, you stupid terrorists aren’t going to do it either. Expect to get a couple smart bombs delivered via first-class mail, or maybe a knock on your door by the friendly neighborhood SAS. Blackfive has some commentary. SMASH has some TOO. So, word to your moms, we’re coming to drop bombs. God Save The Queen! Hoist the Union Jack! And Send Tony A Thank You!

(CUE MUSIC) Terrorists, Terrorists, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When We Come For You?(COOL GUITAR SOLO)(END MUSIC)

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