I’m Gonna Be On TV!

So, since we lost our last game against Hart High School, we’re now 1-3, which kinda sucks. But, everything is looking up. The coaches have seen the error of their ways and have put yours truly in the depth chart at nose guard. Also, tommorrow night we play Dorsey High School at 7:00 PM(that’s 1900 hours for all you military folks), which is a rematch of the City Championship from last year, which we won. And here’s the kicker: we get to play on the television. So, you all get to see my pretty face. I know that one’s getting a few laughs out there in the world community. So, anyway, it promises to be a good game. If you happen to live in Los Angeles you can watch the game on LA36 at 10:00 PM or can watch it online at LA36.org. So I’m gonna get to have a little bit of fun in about 22 hours and some odd minutes. Wish me luck and I hope you’ll be rootin’ for the Patriots on this one.

Go BHS Patriots Football!

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