Bonne Jour Des Peres

That’s French, if you didn’t know. For those not taken to speaking the language of the former Roman province of Gaul, the above means “Happy Father’s Day,” loosely translated. And that is my wish to all those fathers out there who may be reading this, and especially to my own. Here is a little history about said holiday, and contrary to popular belief it wasn’t started by the greeting card companies as a gimmick to sell more cards. Who woulda thunk it?

Also, if I may, I’ll point you towards Blackfive’s and let you read a very inspiring story about a father’s love for his son. The saga of the Hoyt family is one to really embolden the spirit, and kinda puts things into perspective. And if’n you felt the need, you could always donate to Team Hoyt over at their website. That’s it for now. A happy Father’s Day to all and especially to those fathers deployed away from their families.


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