Presidential Challenge

So, apparently OP-FOR has issued a challenge of sorts for President’s Day. Seeing as how I have free time(I know, I couldn’t believe it either), I thought I would do my best to offer forth my own two cents. The rules for the game are as such: Choose two American presidents, one from the 19th Century and one from the 20th Century. Explain why they are the greatest presidents in United States history. And you mustn’t choose George Washington; the father of our nation being in a class all his own.
My first choice is from the 20th Century. Theodore Roosevelt is by far the best president in the brief history of our nation. Besides old G.W. himself, Teddy was one of the most visionary presidents. He was full of vigor and had style and substance, something lacking in politicians today. He was a driving force behind the building of the Panama Canal; he created the multitude of national parks we all enjoy; he fought corruption tooth and nail; and he believed whole-heartedly in the greatness of the United States and made sure the rest of the world understood the same. Also, few other presidents have the resume of Roosevelt. Having served as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, New York Police Commissioner, Colonel of the U.S. Volunteer Cavalry, and a deputy sheriff in North Dakota. Theodore Roosevelt was larger than life and is in a league all his own. On occasion I’ve been known to lament the fact that the individuals running for president nowadays are nothing like Theodore Roosevelt, and that we should have another charismatic president in office.
My choice for the best president from the 19th Century is a bit harder to make. As of now, I am leaning towards James Madison. A framer of the Constitution and the Father of the Bill of Rights. He believed in small government and the rights of the people. He also held the nation together during the War of 1812, the first major test of America’s authority on the world stage. He was the Secretary of State under Jefferson and supervised Louisiana Purchase. His record speaks for him, much like Roosevelt.
And for some humor: The 5 Most Bad-Ass Presidents of All Time. If you do not care for rough language, I would not recommend reading said article. Have a pleasant Presidents Day Weekend.


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