Picture Of The Day

Because I feel like it, I thought I’d upload some pictures of the scenery out the back window of my room. Also, the rank announcements for the rising second class were posted on Monday. We had a large presentation in JM Hall where they announced the sergeants for next year. They started with each company position, I didn’t apply for anything in company, so I knew I wasn’t getting anything there. They then announced the various staff positions. When they named off the members of the S-4 (Supply and Logistics) and my name wasn’t called, I was rather disappointed as I thought I was a shoe-in for the position and had aced the interview. They then called the S-6 (Athletics) staff and again my name wasn’t called. I figured that was it, I was going to be a private for another year.

View Out Window 396

They then moved on to the Sergeants Major and the Color Sergeants, the highest ranking sergeants in the Corps. At the time I didn’t think there was anyway I could have made Color Sergeant (my third choice); I just wasn’t “tool-baggish” enough. Case in point, I don’t shine my shoes and brass every night, nor do I always put military creases in my shirt. Actually, come to think of it, I rarely put military creases in my shirt; I do it mainly to break up the monotony. So they listed off the Regimental Color Sergeants, I didn’t make it. No surprises there. Then they called out the First Battalion Color Sergeants. One name, then another, until they named me. I couldn’t believe it; I thought I had misheard the name. Whilst I sat there incredulous, my Brother Rats sitting next to me practically forced me onto my feet, slapping my back and shaking my hand. Congratulations were indeed in order. I’m still rather floored by all of this. Never did I think I would be chosen with one of the most prestigious positions within the Regimental System. I guess life has a funny way of working out, that or I have friends in high places. And a final note, I order my ring in five days; April just keeps getting better and better.

Bugler At SRC


One comment on “Picture Of The Day

  1. Dave Northcraft '73, Kansas City #61 says:

    4/12/08 1711 CDT: Good blogs. You’re an ME, like my son Daniel ’04. I wrote to your Ring Figure Chairman offering to put him in touch with a couple of my customers (I am a machine tool distributor) for possible parts for your Ring Figure fundraisers, so far with no reply. Do you know how to get the Keydets at OpFor.com to reply to my e-mail inquiries? VMI up 4-1, top of the 5th @UNCA, game 2…GO BIG RED!

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