Ring Update

Ring  Purchase

On Wednesday, we all ordered our rings. The representatives from Jostens visited Post and had all of the various items concerning our rings available for us to try on. There were stones everywhere for myself and my Brother Rats to look at, try on, and pick out. So I picked out my stone and the size and metal. And believe me when I tell you, these rings are huge, yet they feel so comfortable and in place on my finger. I cannot wait until Ring Figure.

But I’m sure you’re now wondering what options I got on my ring. Well, I settled on the 14-karat yellow gold, diamond bezel dividers, 44 penny-weight(Considered a lethal weapon in five states!), and to top it all off, a garnet stone with a half-karat diamond tube-set in the middle of it. I actually got the diamond for the low, low price of free, as it was one my grandfather had previously owned. It just felt right adding in an heirloom diamond, rather than get a new one; sort of a way of tying together my past and future. I also followed the custom of inscribing the inside of the band. I had originally wanted to choose the same thing my Dyke had. But the more I thought about it, the less I liked that idea. I needed something personal to me. So, I reproduce my inscription below:

Aut viam inveniam aut faciam

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2 comments on “Ring Update

  1. Andrew O'Sullivan says:

    Thats a nice ring you have. I just got my Military College of Vermont, Norwich University ring. Same size 44 pennywieght. I definitely agree, it feels so nice on the finger.

    • A.W. says:

      The 44 pennyweight is the only way to go as far as I’m concerned. If you put up with all of the craziness that goes with military school life, you might as well have a trophy to show for it.

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