For Strength!


Obama revisits his Irish roots – The Globe and Mail.

While I am a man that has not met a beer that I didn’t like; it appears that my Commander-in-Chief is not. Whether it be a stout, a lager, a pilsner, an ale, a porter, or a member of any of hops and barley family, I will drink it. My criteria for a good beer being that it must 1) be colder than room temperature and 2) be affordable; beyond that I’m an easy man to please. ‘Tis true though that the Guin’ is an acquired taste; but this picture still causes me to chuckle.

While the president’s and my own choices in malty refreshment might differ, I did like his one comment printed below:

“My name is Barack Obama, of the Moneygall Obamas.”

I must offer a tip of my hat to a fellow Guinness and Aviation enthusiast: Neptunus Lex.


One comment on “For Strength!

  1. Ha, ha…the Moneygall Obamas!

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