Burdening My Generation

A Message for America’s Young‬‏ – YouTube.


Amidst the talk of all of the budget and national debt controversies currently saddling our national discourse during the last few months, it seems that the larger picture has been lost amongst the various political factions. With the Democratic Party trying their best to preserve unsustainable public welfare programs and the Republican Party doing what they can to keep tax rates unreasonably low, the fact that the mistakes of today won’t be paid by the politicians and current majority of the populace has been buried. It will not be my parents’ generation who will be paying off our current debt, numbered north of fourteen trillion dollars.

It’s this debt which will cripple my children and my children’s children. It’s this debt that will force my generation to enact draconian austerity measures that would make the current crop of Leftist politicians and mouthpieces blanche. And let us not even speak of the horrors a double-dip recession and/or depression would bring.

But with the majority of those in power seemingly all too happy to kick the proverbial can, it will fall upon those of my generation who are just now beginning to venture out into the world. It will be us who will have to make the hard decisions about our sovereign debt and whether or not we can afford to continue providing hand-outs to our parents’ generation during the sunset of their lives. It will be us who will have to deal with conflicts from the global economic collapse.

But all is not darkness. I have met and had the honor to work with many exceptional individuals amongst my peers and I am confident that we will be able to surmount the hurdles that will be thrown at us. Americans have faced hardship before and prospered, and I have no reason to believe that we won’t be able to do so again.

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