Movie Review: Act of Valor

A few buddies from OCS and I went to see Act of Valor this afternoon. I really enjoyed the movie; the action sequences being superb. The cinematography itself was exceptional. It truly captured the sense of being in the action doing all the “cool guy” stuff like clearing rooms and jumping out of airplanes. Also, with actual SEALs playing the leading roles, the fight choreography was spot on and the cinematographer did a great job of including all of the non-verbal hand signals and whatnot that the Teams used during firefights. And while the dialogue was a little too deadpan at times, it felt authentic and organic to what you would actually expect guys in such a tight-knit military unit to say. All in all, I would highly recommend you go see the movie. Here’s a trailer:

UPDATE: I stumbled across a great, if not colourful, review of the movie. Be advised there’s some salty language used. If you can get past the language, it’s worth a chuckle or two.


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