What You Think You Will Become

I’m a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I always have been, and as I’ve grown older and more involved in politics and fitness, I’ve only come tor respect him and his ideas more and more. Yes, I know that recent extra-marital scandal was a large disappointment, but great men have their failings just like ordinary men.

An old adage from the Gautama Buddha is that everything that we are stems from our thoughts, and thus our success, our evil, our goodness, and our love all rests in our minds and the thoughts that guide our actions. But what does this have to do with Arnold Schwarzenegger, you ask? You see, Ahnuld has long held and expounded upon the belief that the difference between the truly successful and the average person is how they approach the world and their thoughts towards the future. In a rather famous speech of his, Schwarzenegger made the argument that in order to be truly successful, you must create in your mind a palpable vision of who and what you want to be in the future. Only then can you create a course of action to achieve that vision.

He couldn’t be any more correct. Vision is one of the things that separates the greatest amongst us from the rest of the crowd. The many men and women who are remembered in the annuls of history all cultivated a vision for the future and then executed a plan in order to attain that vision. Theodore Roosevelt had a vision of building a canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans so that the US Navy could more easily and safely navigate ships between either ocean, thereby increasing combat effectiveness. Napoleon Bonaparte had a vision of conquering Europe and sitting upon the throne as emperor as the many Caesars before him had. Both men had visions that they tirelessly strove towards, each step generating momentum that would carry them to their end goal.

And that is the lesson herewith: That in order to lead successfully or to reach the heights of achievement you must know where you want to go (your vision) and then draw a map of how to get their (your plan), and then work tirelessly in order to reach that goal. But none of this is a secret, anyone who has ever achieved success in their life could tell you the same thing; the real secret is that anybody is capable of this. It’s what has made America the greatest country in the world, and continues to do so.


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