The Mother I

The Virginia Military Institute, my Alma Mater, is a subject that I cover a good deal on this blog. It is an institution that is not well understood by outsiders. To truly comprehend the VMI experience, you must live four years within the walls of Barracks. Conversely, there are many odd things that occur inside of Barracks that take quite a bit of explaining to the many outsiders looking in. Every now and then, I’ll post those things that I find truly entertaining or interesting happening at the Mother I. It allows me an opportunity to reminisce and feel nostalgic for a bit.

My own feelings about the Institute are mixed. Like most Alumni, I can honestly say that I hate and love VMI in the same breath. It was a long four years that I spent locked away in the prison-like barracks, sleeping little, and working much. There are many aspects of the Keydet way of life that I would not wish upon anyone and personally never want to go through again, but having come out the other side am eternally grateful for experiencing. The adversarial system employed acts as a mirror to each cadet, highlighting his or her flaws and leaving it up to them to better themselves or to run and hide. This system has produced it’s share of monsters but has also produced many heroes. The lasting grace of the system though, is that through it’s forced, mutual suffering, the bonds forged between Brother Rats are lifelong. Undoubtedly, the friends I made during my time as a Cadet are the best friends I’ve ever had.

And this all just scratches the tip of the iceberg when dealing with my Alma Mater.

Rah Virginia Mil!

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